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Racine Trees specializes in professional tree care for your home or business. Our team of exceptional tree workers is passionate about what they do and proud of the quality of their work. We are committed to providing fair prices and free quotes. We would be honored to serve this amazing city and look forward to working with you. Contact us today for friendly service.


We serve all areas around Racine City and County, and areas South of Milwaukee Downtown

Burlington, Caledonia, Franksville, Kansasville, Racine, Rochester, Sturtevant, Union Grove, Waterford, Oak Creek, Franklin, Muskego, Big Bend, Wind Lake, South Milwuakee, Hales Corners, Greenfield, Cudahy, and more!

Here are the services we provide:

    • Tree Removal
    • Tree Trimming
    • Stump Grinding
    • Brush Clearing & Removal
    • Tree Doctor
    • Arborist Work
    • Tree Pruning
    • Tree Cabling

RACINE TREES has the experience and expertise to provide professional care for your trees, home, yard, and business. We take customer service seriously, so you can rest assured you'll receive the best care.

Just call or use our free quote form here to see how we can be of service:

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What Tree Service is Needed?
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man using chainsaw to cut fallen branches from trimming and removing tree


We understand that trees age and require special care. In some cases, portions may need to be removed or even the whole tree taken down. We have extensive experience in completing these tasks, and we strive to protect your property in the process. If you require tree removal, we are here to provide an excellent service and would be delighted to be your go-to tree service company.


man climbing tree with special gear to remove tree


Have you noticed branches that are reaching too close to rooftops or becoming too heavy with overgrowth? These kinds of issues can be a real concern in windy and wet weather. We are here to help you with professional trimming services, and our experienced tree climbers and haulers are ready to remove any wood debris during the process. We look forward to seeing what you need and providing the best service possible!


We have seen how pro tree work can dramatically improve the look and value of a property. By reducing leaf fall, we can make lawn care much easier. We can also tackle termite issues by removing dead wood and stumps. Plus, our services take the burden off home owners who might not feel comfortable tackling dangerous jobs like tree trimming and cutting with a chainsaw. With experienced professionals and insurance in place, we make sure every job is done safely and efficiently.

Tree Care and Trimming

In some cases, certain tree types can grow beyond their capability to bear the weight of snow, ice, and wind. This can lead to dangerous overgrowth and large branches snapping off. Our team is experienced in removing even the largest of branches, some of which can be the size of small to medium-sized trees!

We also offer pruning services to improve the health of individual trees or tree patches and modify the shape of a tree from odd to beautiful. Pruning can also increase foliage and production of fruit for the next season. Let us help you keep your yard healthy and looking great!

Autumn is a time when many people take out their rakes and leaf blowers to manage their yards. But if you have a yard with too many trees, it may be time to consider a tree service. We love trees, but they can sometimes become too large and difficult to manage. With our help, you can keep your yard in balance and easily mow over the leaves come autumn.

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Let's Take Care of That Tree Problem!

Are you worried about a tree that's getting old and might cause damage to your home or property? It can make wind and storms stressful. We understand and have been in the same situation. Don't worry, though - we can help make the process easy for you. All you have to do is give us a call and we'll take care of the rest. We'll make sure you get the best advice and service possible and can even handle the entire process from start to finish. Don't hesitate to get in touch - we're here to help!


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PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: We’re very experienced in the tree service industry, and bring our professional skill to every tree removal and trimming. Our team has spent thousands of hours in this field, and we are some of the most skilled around.

INSURANCE: We know there is no good service without the proper insurance in place. It is important an ads the most important layer of protection to all activities that involve risk.

FREE QUOTE: We really want you to feel at home, reaching out to us, and during the process of tree work. It’s a pleasure and honor to give you a quote and handle whatever needs you have regarding your trees!


We can provide you with an accurate quote for stump grinding, whether you need it separately or with/without tree removal. We have the industrial strength equipment to tackle even the largest stumps quickly and efficiently. If you have a large area but don't require stump removal, you have the freedom of choice - we'll be happy to assist you either way.


Sometimes a wind storm or ice storm breakage can ruin the day.  It doesn't have to though.  Don't let a wind storm or ice storm ruin your day. Our tree service is here to lend a helping hand. We can clear away any broken limbs from your lawn, driveway, and sidewalk. We can even get rid of any that have fallen onto your deck or house. Let us take care of the mess, so you don't have to.

We love earning your business because we're passionate about delivering high quality work. We strive to provide you with outstanding service, taking the time to understand your needs and exceed your expectations. We are honored to be your go-to tree service and we hope to be your trusted choice for years to come. Serving the local community has taught us the importance of hard work and dedication, inspiring us to do our best for each and every customer. Give us a try and we promise you won't be disappointed!

“We really needed our landscaping refreshed since the trees were old and just not looking great. Racine Trees did a great job working around our gardens and cleaning up behind themselves. Yes I would recommend you guys to anyone, of course five stars from me. Thank you.”

“I had no idea what killed our trees, but this team came in, found the mite and treated the rest of our trees, while doing quick work of the two that couldn’t make it. They took them down, grinded the stumps, and hauled everything out a lot quicker than imagined. Thanks for the care and good work.”


Burlington, Caledonia, Franksville, Kansasville, Racine, Rochester, Sturtevant, Union Grove, Waterford, Oak Creek, Franklin, Muskego, Big Bend, Wind Lake, South Milwuakee, Hales Corners, Greenfield, Cudahy

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